Wedding Dance Lessons

All eyes will be on you, the bride and groom, father and daughter, and mother and son for your first dances. WOW your guests (and the videographer) with an unforgettable wedding dance, choreographed just for the two of you! Our dance and choreography experience puts us in the unique position to help you make your wedding dances perfect for you.
We offer packages of private lessons (5, 10, or 15) to get you ready for your big day. You are welcome to divide the lessons up however you choose. For example, if you purchase 15, which offers the largest discount off of the per lesson price, you can use 10 for the bride and groom and 5 for the father and daughter, or any combination you’d like. We can help you choose based on the amount of time we have before your wedding, your budget, and how elaborate you’d like your dances to be. 
We do not expect you to decide on a package without making sure we’re a good fit first. You are welcome to pay for one lesson and then talk over the package options with your fiancé. We’re happy to credit the cost of your first lesson to the total package price so you receive the discount. 
Packages are not required to make your first dance spectacular! Plenty of students prefer to pay per lesson, and that’s just fine with us!

Wedding Dance Success Tips

  • PLAN AHEAD! If you want to learn and be comfortable with your first dance, start your lessons about 4-6 months before your wedding date.
  • HAVE 2-3 SONGS TO CHOOSE FROM and bring them to your first lesson. You may like the look and feel of some dance styles more than others. We can show you which styles of dance go nicely with each song and show you some basics to try out at home before making your final decision.
  • ENVISION YOUR DANCE and share your thoughts with your instructor. This is your dance, so make sure it looks and feels the way you want it to!
  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Set aside 10-15 minutes two or more times a week to review and practice what you’ve learned. You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable you’ll feel at your next lesson!
  • KNOW THE SIZE/DIMENSIONS OF YOUR DANCE FLOOR and ask if they would allow you to use the space to practice 1-2 weeks before your wedding.
  • WEAR YOUR WEDDING SHOES. Bring the actual shoes you’ll be wearing (grooms too) for at least the last two lessons so you’ll be used to dancing in them. Ladies, please notify your instructor of any restrictions you may have when you’re all gowned up (Is your gown full, does it restrict your movement, will your hair be up, or do you have tall head pieces?)!
  • BURN A CD of just your song (and test it) to give to the DJ/Band.
  • RELAX & HAVE FUN!! This song and dance is an expression of your love, so let it show – look into each other’s eyes, smile, laugh, talk and enjoy the moment!

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of dance! Private and group classes are available. Purchase a gift certificate for Ballroom, Latin, or Swing Dancing or for our dance fitness classes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!