Ballroom Dancing

At Dance Brevard, your dance education is important to us. We encourage our students to practice between lessons and to ask questions from lesson to lesson if something doesn’t make sense while you’re on your own. We will happily answer your questions between lessons via text, email, or phone. We want you to enjoy your dancing experience and get the most out of it!

Teaching dance is not just a job to us, its our passion. Our dance studio is structured around our students. We make dancing fun for everyone. You can progress at your own pace without pressure. In fact, we don’t push contracts so we only get paid if you find value in our classes.

Our dance classes include lots of personal attention and instruction. Private classes can be structured around any type of dance we offer. You can find a schedule of our group classes by checking our calendar.

Ballroom Dance Lessons at Dance Brevard Ballroom Dance and Fitness Studio can take you to any level of proficiency you desire. From Dancing with the Stars to just a fun evening out with your sweetie, our Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dance lessons will give you the confidence you need to get out on the Dance Floor. Our no contract, no pressure policy will let you feel at ease, while our skilled dance instructors make dance classes fun and allow you to learn at your own pace.

We pride ourselves in making ballroom dancing FUN! Our years of experience have taught us that not everyone wants to make dancing a competitive sport. Most people just want to enjoy it socially or learn for a special occasion. We teach ballroom dancing to all ages, backgrounds and interest levels. We offer private lessons as well as group classes, which are a great way to meet people and learn to dance.

Your Lessons

Even though our dance lessons are divided into categories (Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Social), you’re not limited to just one. We’ll take into consideration your dancing goals, where you’re planning on using your skills, which styles you want to learn, your budget, and amount of time you can spend and design a plan to fit your needs. If you’re interested in only Smooth Dances, that’s all we’ll do. You will never be forced to follow a “cookie cutter” lesson plan or syllabus – or learn anything you don’t want to learn – your private lessons are your time, so we’ll make sure you get the most out of them!

No Contracts!

We don’t have contracts and there is never any pressure. Mary started this dance studio to share her love of dance. We guarantee you will be treated with dignity, honesty and respect.

Get Started Now

Experience a real dance studio where the focus is teaching you to be a great dancer. Contact Us to schedule your first lesson now.

Private Lessons

Your lessons are all about you!

Our private lessons are catered to your goals and your unique learning style. We will never require that you try a dance that you don’t want to learn. Your time is your time. You will never have to share the dance floor with other “private” students during your lessons with us. Scheduling is flexible too. We can schedule based on your availability and can vary days and times from lesson to lesson. We have students that come twice a week, once a week, every other week, and even a few that we see once a year when they’re in town on vacation.

With private lessons, you can pay per lesson or for a block of lessons.

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Private lessons can be for one or two people. Private group lessons are available as well for an additional per person fee.

Group Classes

Learn to dance in one of our small group classes! You will never feel like just another number in any of our group classes. We intentionally keep them small so that each person gets some one on one time to make sure what we’re teaching makes sense.

All group classes listed on our calendar are beginning level unless specifically noted. Our group classes run in 6 week sessions (six weeks of the same dance) to provide students with a strong foundation of the dance, as well as several fun steps to use out on the dance floor. We do require pre-registration for group classes since we limit the class size so that each participant gets some individual help and attention. Unlike most group classes, switching partners throughout class is optional.

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The classes build on what was taught the previous week, so starting mid session is not allowed.

We categorize the ballroom dances we teach into the following categories:


Fox Trot










Cha Cha




East Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

Collegiate Shag


Lindy Hop


Night Club Two Step


Country Two Step

Hip Hop

Line Dancing

Pop Hustle

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of dance! Private and group classes are available. Purchase a gift certificate for Ballroom, Latin, or Swing Dancing or for our dance fitness classes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!