Fly Gym Aerial Fitness

Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® is a holistic aerial fitness system that combines the science of physical conditioning with the philosophy of movement therapy; the Fly Gym mission is to help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun & safe suspended environment. The Fly Gym system incorporates suspended athletic conditioning, aerial yoga & Pilates exercises, and pole & aerial arts inspired movements. Our programs are based on the latest research in exercise science and holistic methods of teaching physical activity. Fly Gym exercise programs are progressive, adaptable, and creative. We call it the “accidental workout” because Fly Gym helps individuals achieve “Better Health through Fitness Made Fun! Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® is not only a fun new fitness system, it is also a great conditioning tool for athletes, and it can also be used as a mobility aid in physical rehabilitation.

Fly Gym programs are practiced using a set of supportive fabric slings that are hung from the ceiling, wall or other foundational apparatus. The set includes 13 pieces with 7 slings for different body parts. Our fabric slings are made of a stretchy cotton blend fabric, incredibly strong and very comfortable! Using Fly Gym equipment, participants can suspend their body (or parts of their body) so they can enjoy motion in 360 degrees while sculpting their bodies in the air. This helps improve strength & body awareness, increase joint mobility, decompress the spine, and gives the opportunity to find creativity and joy in physical activity.


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of dance! Private and group classes are available. Purchase a gift certificate for Ballroom, Latin, or Swing Dancing or for our dance fitness classes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!